*Special Uses for Cloth Pads

Using reusable cloth pads for your period is one thing, but there are several other uses to consider.

If you or someone you know has light urinary incontinence, cloth pads can be a great alternative to disposable products. Disposable incontinence products can be a huge ongoing expense because unlike a period, incontinence can happen any time of day, every day so more products are needed on an ongoing basis. Consider using reusable cloth pads, which have a beautiful and comfortable exterior, quality absorbent core materials and a moisture resistant back. You can simply wash these and reuse them and they can be much more discreet than large disposable incontinence products and are available in so many sizes and absorbencies there is bound to be one that fits your needs. 

Those who suffer from occasional discomfort or irritation from things such as vulvadynia, yeast infections or HSV or other std outbreaks know that finding something comfortable during that time of the month can be nearly impossible. Disposable pads can make a yeast infection worse by trapping all of that heat and moisture inside of a non-breathable plastic coated area, which can contribute to discomfort associated with other irritants already listed. 

We have had women report that our cloth pads helped them be as comfortable as possible during a herpes outbreak when the thought of using anything else now that they had cloth was no longer an option during those times because of the vastly increased level of comfort Novel Red cloth pads gave them over disposables during those times. Though any cloth pad will be more comfortable in such circumstances, women can even choose top fabrics based on personal preference and even more increased comfort. For example, one woman in particular said our 9" minky topped heavy absorbency pad was her go to pad for times when she needed extra comfort or was feeling irritated. 

How about healing post partum? Post partum flow varies widely from woman to woman and even birth to birth. If you've just had a baby, are currently expecting or are still planning your family, cloth pads are a great option for post partum use and those little "sneeze leaks" so many pregnant women experience and continue to experience long after the baby comes (just one of the perks of being a mom - lol)

It goes without saying that after birthing a baby, even if it is a cesarean section, a woman is going to be sore and uncomfortable and most likely be wearing a pad of some kind for a while. If stitches are involved, a cloth pad can be a lifesaver and oh so much more comfortable that something made of paper and plastic and adhesive! Let's not forget a set of gorgeous cloth post partum pads makes a wonderful gift for a mommy to be!

Whatever the reason, cloth pads are comfortable. Period.

Thats why we say...."Novel Red: Cloth. Comfort. Period."  




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