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HERE AT NOVEL RED WE OFFER A WIDE SELECTION OF TOP QUALITY REUSABLE CLOTH PADS AND PANTYLINERS.  We are currently transitioning from custom order to pre-made ready to ship inventory. Your patience is appreciated during the transition. 

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Novel Red is proud to be your premium brand of washable, reusable cloth pads, pantyliners and other select Eco Chic items! Cloth pads and liners are better for you and the environment than disposable pads and tampons. Most women who use cloth pads find they don't dread their period anymore. In fact, the comfort and large selection of cloth pads and liners makes buying and using them fun. You might even find yourself becoming one of the many women who look forward to their period after making the switch!

Of course, the top reason to use cloth pads and liners is comfort! Disposable products just can't compare to the comfort of cloth!

Cloth pad users have reported many other benefits including shorter, lighter periods, no more sweaty or itchy irritation (from the adhesives and non-breathable materials found in disposables), no period odor - thanks to the fact that cloth pads don't have all of the chemicals disposables do that can interact with your period...and the list goes on!

Using cloth pads and liners is eco friendly, doesn't contribute to unnecessary landfill waste and can save you money over time since you won't have to purchase disposable products every single month. Cloth pads and liners are reusable, easily washable and much more fun and comforting to use than sticky, icky disposables. With cloth, you'll never run out of supplies or have to make an emergency trip to the store! 

Each Novel Red pad and liner is individually hand made in the USA. Read on for details on pad construction and materials.

Novel Red pads and liners come in a variety of fabrics all with their own unique qualities and colors/prints painstakingly hand curated so you are always sure find new favorites! 

Please read each listing in its entirety for all relevant details pertaining to each item. *Unless expressly noted in a listing, pattern placement may vary from stock photo. Custom items may include any portion of the print or color of a particular fabric.

*Please note - due to monitor settings color may vary from display. Combining custom order items and ready to ship (RTS) items into one order will hold your order until the custom order items are completed. 

**All Novel Red pads and liners are now made without labels/tags for your comfort.  

***Fleece backing color varies depending on availability. We cannot accommodate fleece color requests at this time.  Typical fleece backing colors are neutrals (black, brown, ivory) but may occasionally include specialty colors.

Novel Red uses only premium Windpro and Microvelour fleeces on our products. Windpro (used in light, and moderate-extra heavy pads) is ultra leak resistant, while microvelour (used mainly in our pantyliners) is very trim and ultra breathable. Both Windpro and microvelour fleece are super soft and stay nice looking wash after wash! (Our Waterproof *NINJA Pads are topped and backed in suedecloth and do not have any fleece layer. Unless specifically noted in a listing, these are the only pads or liners that contain a PUL layer for full waterproofing.)

***Windpro fleeces (and occasionally others) with DWR (durable water repellent - a chemical treatment) as used in some other cloth pad brands contain harmful chemicals such as PFOA. Our Windpro fleeces and all other fleeces and fabrics used at Novel Red have been verified NOT to contain DWR so you can feel good about using them and avoiding those harmful chemicals. If you are not familiar with PFOA and its related health concerns you can find information on it with a simple google search. 

*We do not apply any chemicals, treatments or sprays to any of our fabrics or products. Only pure water is used for steaming/ironing when needed. All pre-washed fabrics are laundered in only EWG highly rated products (rated for the safety and eco friendliness). 

Liners and pads have different attributes and construction. Please read the following product descriptions of each item offered. 


Novel Red pantyliners - These are suitable for spotting, a very light flow, everyday moisture/freshness or backup protection for your menstrual cup.

Novel Red pantyliners (liners) are 7 - 11 inches long and come in regular width of 2.5 inches snapped for the 7 inch length, 2.75 inches for the 9 and 11 inch length or the narrow 7 Inch with a width of 2 inches snapped (narrow available in 7" only). All liners have an organic 100% bamboo absorbent core and are backed in soft and ultra thin microvelour fleece (with the exception of our NINJA Liners which are topped and backed in moisture-wicking fully synthetic suede cloth fabric or athelitc wicking jersey. Our Microvelour fleece is thinner and less dense than our Windpro fleece which allows for greater breathability and the thinnest liner possible.

Novel Red Pads - These range from light to extra heavy absorbency sizes from 7 to 16 Inches in varying shapes. Every woman's flow is different. We recommend changing your pad every 4 hours or as needed to accommodate your flow. 

Light Pads: Our light pads have the same absorbent core as our liners but are backed in premium quality Windpro fleece rather than our Microvelour Liner fleece. These are perfect for times when you want a thin/light absorbency pad but want ultimate leak resistance - for example when you are expecting your period, if your flow can start unexpectedly/quickly, for more reassuring leak protection for cup backup or very light urinary incontinence. Many women also choose to stock up on light pads as they are versatile enough to be used for light flow or as everyday pantyliners due to the leak resistant Windpro backing and trimness the light pad offers. 

Moderate Absorbency Pads (We are phasing out our moderate abosrbency level in favor of our NINJA absorbency level which offers moderate/heavy absorbency and is just as trim as our moderate core!) While still available in some listings, moderate absorbency pads have a core of highly absorbent organic bamboo/cotton and are backed in our premium Windpro fleece. Moderate pads are recommended for the average womans regular day flow. 

NINJA Absorbency Pads: Not to be confused with the "NINJA Pad" (which is a specific style of pad construction offering internal PUL ( for NINJA Pads - NINJA liners have no internal PUL) and ultra thin style with edge stitching for ultimate trimness!) The NINJA absorbency level is a moderate/heavy and 100% organic cotton. This special absorbency level maintains ultra thinness but can handle a moderate-heavy flow. This absorbency level is backed in Windpro fleece for ultra leak resistance except in the case of being applied in a NINJA pad which has the construction noted below.

***"NINJA Pads" (described below) are a specific and unique Ultra thin and waterproof Novel Red pad product with a moisture-wicking suedecloth or atheletic wicking jersey top and back and a full layer of hidden PUL for pads. Liners have no PUL.***

***With the NINJA absorbency level you can enjoy more protection than a moderate pad but without the extra thickness of a double layered core. *The only pads we currently carry that contain hidden PUL is the seudecloth topped Novel Red "NINJA Pad". NINJA absorbency level in other pads denotes absorbent core material and does NOT denote the addition of hidden PUL. Again, only the suedecloth topped NINJA Pads have the waterproof layer and the unique edge stitching. None of our other pads or liners have PUL unless expressly noted within the listing. (WATERPROOF NINJA PADS DESCRIPTION BELOW - CONTINUE READING)

XHeavy absorbency pads, are available at Novel Red in sizes from 9 inches to 13 inches. All xheavy absorbency pads are backed in our premium Windpro fleece and have an organic cotton core. **The XHeavy absorbency pads are thicker than the NINJA absorbency due to maximum absorbency within the pad's absorbent core. 

XLarge Heavy and XLarge XHeavy are available in our new 16" pads!  These are the highest absorbency level we offer and are great for maximum coverage overnight, for very heavy days and for post partum. 



Straight style pads - 7N, 7", 9" and 11" straight are Novel Red's "straight" style. This style of pad has no front or back flares and is extremely comfortable for daytime use. You might even forget you are wearing a pad! 

**7N is the narrow 7" pad which snaps to a 2" width. Available in liner and light absorbency, this size and width is perfect for everyday liner use, menstrual cup backup and teens or peitites or anyone desiring a small discreet pad or liner. The light pad in this straight style is a favorite and best selling everyday use pad/pantyliner here at Novel Red! 

11" Curve, 13" and 16" pads are Novel Red's "Curve and Cover" style. This style has a contoured flare at each end offering increased protection in the front and back of the pad. These are a favorite for overnight use and anytime you need additional coverage.

*Approximate pad widths (at center of pad when snapped - fluffier fabrics may snap slightly wider due to fabric pile):

7N - 2"

7" straight style - 2.5"

9 - 11" straight style 2.75"

11" and 13" curve style - 3"

16" - 3.5"

*Occasionally you may see limited edition prints or fabrics as well as listings in sizes, absorbencies, shapes and widths not normally offered. These are specialty items and are only available in the quantities and specifications listed. Please read each listing in its entirety for all applicable details. Not all listed fabrics and prints will be available in all sizes. Special requests cannot be accommodated at this time. If you do not see an option and would like to request its availability, you are welcome to email us at and let us know! We take note of requests and are always working to add items and options that our customers desire!

We love our customers and we know you will love your Novel Red! We have taken our time developing our pad styles and patterns as well as choosing the highest quality fabrics and unique prints. We think your Novel Reds will become your stash favorites! 







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