Luxury Crushed Velvet Q&A !

Here at Novel Red we get questions every day about our best selling Luxury Crushed Velvet topped cloth pads. We thought it was high time there was a blog post answering the most popular questions. 

Here goes!

Q. Is the Crushed Velvet a natural or a synthetic fabric? 

A. Novel Red's Luxury Crushed Velvet is 100% synthetic. This gives it its great stain resistance qualities and helps it wick moisture into the core of the pad to help keep the top layer as dry as possible. (wicking does vary depending on the type of flow you experience so keep that in mind)

Q. What are the most popular colors of Luxury Crushed Velvet you carry? 

A. Our best sellers in the Luxury Crushed Velvet Collection are: Dutchess (currently sold out), Royalty, Persephone and Queen. (Mad Hatter and Looking Glass - both amazing new colors - are poised to take over the top two spots soon!

Q. What is the construction of the Crushed Velvet pads?

A. All Crushed Velvet pads have a gorgeous Velvet top, bamboo/cotton terry core and all have premium quality black Windpro fleece backing - with DWR (durable water repellent layer to prevent leaks)

Q. I don't see Crushed Velvet liners available...why not?

A. We used to sell them, but...we decided the fabric works best on pads with a moderate or heavy core. Who knows though, we may bring them back if there is enough demand!

Q. Why can't I buy the Crushed Velvet Cloth Pads by Novel Red in the Novel Red Etsy shop as custom items anymore?

A. To streamline sales and make the ordering process more efficient and intuitive we decided to house the entire Luxury Crushed Velvet Collection in one place: Exclusively at .....Our Etsy shop: now houses specialty and one of a kind as well as new release products)

Q. How is the Crushed Velvet different from minky? 

A. Minky has a higher "pile" - which is the "furriness" of the fabric - meaning the fibers that extend out are longer. Our Crushed Velvets have a very low pile, but are still amazingly soft and comfortable. Being lower pile and a thinner fabric overall, Crushed Velvet can wick moisture away more effectively than a minky. For these same reasons, Crushed Velvet is not as "warm" of a fabric. Also, let's not forget the luscious look of the Luxury Crushed Velvet! Minky is soft and amazing and we love our minky specialty prints but nothing compares to the luxury look and feel of our Crushed Velvet - hence the name. 

Q. Why are Novel Red's Crushed Velvet pads more expensive than the cotton topped pads? 

A. We cannot locally source most of our Crushed Velvet, so there is more of a cost in the ordering and shipping process. In addition to that, it is a very tricky fabric to work with, being thin and soft/flowy and quite stretchy, it takes much longer to make a pad from it than quilter's cotton or even minky. We think it's so totally fab and super worth it though to have luscious velvet in our (and your) stash! 

Q. Every time I look there are more colors! Will these colors be here to stay and will there be more?

A. We cannot guarantee the stock of any given color far into the future but most of our colors are here to stay for a while. Yes! there are a few more coming too! Our Velvet colors are subject to change as demand and availability change but we promise there will always be lots of gorgeous choices! 

Q. I've never tried any pad like the Crushed Velvet pads at before...what if I don't like them?

A. We suggest trying just one...we think you will love it! There is a reason it is our best selling pad topper! Soft, luscious, opulent, stain resistant, wicking and available in so many luxurious colors - what's not to love?!?

Hopefully if you had any questions about's Luxury Crushed Velvet pads, it was answered in this list. If not, feel free to drop us a line at or a convo on Etsy at 

Make your stash happy! 

-Novel Red




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