More About Crushed Velvet!

We keep getting new questions about our luxury crushed velvet so we thought why not have a new addition to the Q & A on them!

Here we go!

Q) Why can't I find other makers using crushed velvet?

A) Novel Red was the first to bring crushed velvet to the cloth pad market. After wanting something new that was luxurious like organic bamboo velour, but wouldn't stain as easily and was plush but not as warm as minky and also wicked moisture away, we set out to find a new fabric to bring to the cloth pad world. At first it seemed like crushed velvet would be too hard to work with but it had all the qualities desired and was so beautiful we gave it a try. After months of perfecting working with the fabric and sewing them up and testing and loving the results the decision was made to finally share them with the cloth pad world! Now you can have a luxury gorgeous fabric that wicks and is not hot to wear but also washes well and is stain resistant - in our luxury crushed velvet!

Q) Was Novel Red really the first to make them? 

A) Yes indeed! And we think it's super exciting to be able to add a new top fabric to the world of cloth that we love! 

Q) Why are they more expensive than other fabric topped pads?

A) It is true that crushed velvet is tricky to work with. It takes more finesse while sewing, more time and it is not uncommon to have a "pad casualty" when making an order of crushed velvet. We donate the "goof" pads to anyone local who is in need of them so they don't go to waste and occasional hold seconds sales of those items (more to come in the future) but this is why, along with limited local availability and sourcing the fabric, the price is a bit more than pads with some other top fabrics. They simply cost more to make. 

Q) Why is it softer in one direction?

A) Crushed Velvet has what is called a "pile" which is where the fabric fibers stick up from the fabric itself, similar to a minky. When you run your palm down the fabric in the direction that the fibers naturally lie it feels soft and luxurious. If you run your hand the opposite direction, you are essentially going against the grain and lifting those fibers so it will not feel as soft. This is true of any fabric with a "pile" or "nap".

Q) I feel like my flow was heavy and I don't see much on the pad. Why?

A) This is, again, because of the wicking of the crushed velvet. Being a synthetic fabric, it does not absorb moisture into the fibers but rather lets moisture through the fabric itself. So, when your flow hits it, it goes into the core of the pad rather than into the fibers of the crushed velvet themselves. This keeps you feeling dryer and also is why it is stain resistant. Essentially, the stain resistance and the wicking are due to nothing being absorbed into the fabric fibers themselves and we LOVE that! 

Q) Will you ever have full sets or rainbow color sets available of crushed velvet?

A) YES! We are working on sets of several different colors - beginning with our first "Wonderland" themed color set of 4- 9" moderate or heavy pads available now in our Etsy shop. More will be coming and eventually full rainbow color stash sets that will provide everything you need for a full cycle, from light pads to extra absorbent long overnight pads! 

If you have any other questions about our luxury crushed velvet pads or anything else we offer or you would like to see, please drop us a line on Etsy via Etsy convo or to our email at customer - we love to get fan mail and ideas! 

Hope you are all feeling well today, happy period! 

Haley at Novel Red :)




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