Minky and Piqué and Velvet OH MY! Cloth Pad Top Fabrics - Something For Everyone!

     Cloth pad top fabrics play a pivotal role in shaping the performance, comfort, and overall experience of reusable menstrual products. Among the myriad of options available, Performance Pique, Minky, our Signature Luxury Crushed Velvet, Cotton Flannel, Quilter's Cotton, Cotton and Bamboo Knit, and our Suedecloth NINJA Pads all have unique attributes. The choice of top fabric can vary based on factors such as climate, personal preferences, comfort, stay-dry qualities, absorption needs, stain resistance, and the desire for a touch of luxury.

Performance Pique

     Performance Pique, known for its moisture-wicking properties and quick-drying nature, is a top pick for individuals who desire stay-dry comfort, making it suitable for humid climates. Its ability to wick away moisture and promote breathability helps keep users feeling dry even during active days. Performance Pique's moisture management makes it a reliable choice for those who prioritize comfort and want to avoid any dampness. The prints we painstakingly select are crisp and vibrant on our specially printed performance pique!


     Minky fabric offers a luxurious feel that appeals to those seeking a soft and plush surface against their skin. Minky is excellent for creating a sense of comfort and indulgence. Its cozy texture and endless prints and patterns make it a popular choice for those looking to embrace comfort and style simultaneously. Minky is a long time customer fave and is extra popular in colder climates and seasons. Our specialty minky prints are unique and offer something for every taste!

Our Signature Luxury Crushed Velvet

     Luxury Crushed Velvet boasts a luscious texture that provides a touch of luxury and elegance. Novel Red offered the very first Luxury Crushed Velvet topped pads and they have been a number one customer favorite ever since! This fabric's softness against the skin makes it an inviting choice for individuals who value premium comfort. Crushed Velvet's lush surface offers a sense of luxury while providing moisture-wicking into the core of the pad, making it an attractive option for those who want to combine sophistication and luxury with functionality. Available in an array of show stopping colors, it it truly a beautiful top fabric!

Cotton Flannel

     Flannel fabric is celebrated for its softness and absorbency. An excellent choice for colder climates or during winter months, flannel's softness and cozy feel can provide comfort and reassurance on chillier days. Its inherent absorbency and comfort factor make it a popular fabric for those seeking a reliable yet cozy experience. For customers who prefer natural fiber fabrics, cotton flannel is a popular choice.

Quilter's Cotton

      Quilter's Cotton offers a balance between absorbency and breathability, making it versatile and suitable for a range of climates. Its lightweight nature and natural absorbency make it a practical choice for everyday use. Quilter's Cotton's availability in various patterns and colors allows users to express their individuality while maintaining comfort. Customers who prefer quilter's cotton often say that it is a cooler feeling fabric than some alternatives like flannel or knit. 

Cotton and Bamboo Knits

     Cotton and Bamboo Knits offer softness and absorbency in another natural fabric. They are an excellent choice for individuals who want both comfort and breathability along with natural fabric against the skin. They offer a stretchier more flexible pad than quilter's cotton or cotton flannel but with the same overall benefits.

Suedecloth (NINJA PADS)

     Our Suedecloth (topping and backing our NINJA PADS) is recognized for its suede-like texture, offering a blend of comfort and luxury. This fabric's smooth surface helps prevent staining and wicks away moisture, keeping the surface of your pad drier and making it a popular choice for those who desire both comfort and stain resistance. Suedecloth's sleek appearance adds an element of sophistication to the overall pad design. Available in a rainbow of vivid colors, you are invited to custom order the perfect hues for you!

Factors Influencing Choice

     When selecting a cloth pad top fabric, personal preference, climate, and desired features come into play. Individuals living in humid climates may opt for Performance Pique or moisture-wicking fabrics to stay dry. For colder regions, the coziness of Flannel or the softness of Minky can provide added comfort. Those seeking luxury and elegance might gravitate toward our Signature Luxury Crushed Velvet or our Suedecloth NINJA Pads, while Quilter's Cotton and Cotton and Bamboo Knit offer a balance of breathability and absorbency.

Customization and Expression

     The choice of top fabric also offers a chance for personal expression. Vibrant patterns, subtle textures, and luxurious finishes allow individuals to tailor their cloth pad experience to their unique style preferences. Whether embracing the softness of Minky, the sophistication of Luxury Crushed Velvet, or the comfort of Cotton and Bamboo Knit, each fabric choice reflects the user's personality, preferences, and style.


     In the world of reusable cloth pads, the wide variety of top fabric options ensures that every Novel Red customer can find the perfect match for their needs. Performance Pique, Minky, Luxury Crushed Velvet, Cotton Flannel, Quilter's Cotton, Cotton and Bamboo Knit, and Suedecloth NINJA Pads... each bring distinct strengths to the table, catering to a diverse range of climates, preferences, and comfort levels. As you explore the various fabric choices, embark on a journey of both practicality and self-expression, ultimately enhancing your menstrual care experience in a way that resonates with your beautiful individuality!



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