The Ultimate Cloth Pad Washing Routine: Keeping Your Stash Fresh and Fabulous with Novel Red

Congratulations on embracing the world of reusable cloth pads from Novel Red! Your commitment to sustainability and comfort is commendable. To ensure that your cloth pads remain in pristine condition and ready for your next cycle, we've put together a comprehensive washing routine that will become your go-to guide. Say goodbye to disposables and hello to an eco-friendly and effective cloth pad care routine!

Step 1: Storage After Use

  1. After use, simply place your used pad or liner into a hanging wet bag or a dedicated bin. Ensure that the bag or bin is partially open to allow for air circulation. No need to treat or soak the pads – just toss them in and let them await their washing cycle.

Step 2: Initial Machine Wash

  1. At the end of your cycle, gather your used pads and liners for the initial wash.
  2. Set your washing machine to a regular cycle using cool water.
  3. For detergent, we recommend Seventh Generation powder detergent for its effectiveness and eco-friendliness.
  4. Add a full scoop of unscented OxiClean to the wash to enhance stain removal and overall freshness.

Step 3: Treating Stubborn Stains

  1. After the initial wash cycle, examine your pads for any stubborn stains that might need extra attention.
  2. Treat the stained areas with your preferred stain stick or stain treatment. We love Ecover for its gentle yet effective formula.
  3. Let the treated pads sit for a few hours or overnight to allow the stain treatment to work its magic.

Step 4: Final Wash

  1. Once the stain-treated pads have had time to sit, repeat the machine wash cycle using detergent and OxiClean.
  2. Since this cycle involves fewer pads, use only 1/4 scoop of OxiClean for an extra-small wash cycle.
  3. This final wash ensures that even the stain-treated pads emerge clean and fresh.

Step 5: Drying for Perfection

  1. Now that your pads are clean and stain-free, it's time for drying.
  2. Place all the pads in the dryer along with a few wool dryer balls. Avoid using fabric softener, as it can compromise the absorbency of the pads.
  3. Set the dryer to low heat and run a full cycle. (*No heat tumble or hang/flat dry for cotton and bamboo knits to avoid shrinkage) Depending on the number of pads, you may need to run a second cycle to ensure thorough drying, especially through the core of the pads.
  4. That's it! You're done! Stack or store your stash however you choose - ready for your next cycle!

With Novel Red's meticulous cloth pad washing routine, maintaining your reusable pads' cleanliness and longevity becomes a breeze. By following these simple steps, you'll keep your cloth pads fresh, comfortable, and ready for your next cycle. Embrace the journey of sustainability and comfort with Novel Red, and make a positive impact on both your hygiene routine and the environment. Your gorgeous stash of cloth pads is now primed for many cycles of confident use!



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