Novel Noir Exclusive Couture Design & Order Details & Terms

Please familiarize yourself with the process and details below. All Novel Noir listings are non-refundable once purchased. We're excited to offer this amazing, one-of-a-kind service to all Novel Red Lovers! <3

Once you purchase a Novel Noir Couture listing, you will be contacted via email within 7 business days following the order date to plan and begin work on your pattern design(s). You will have an additional 7 business days to reply so we can get started on your pattern and order. If you decide not to reply or opt not to place your order at any time before, during or after pattern design you will lose the payment made for this listing. Slots are very limited and are non-refundable. 

You only need to purchase 1 Novel Noir Couture Reservation Listing even if you want multiple designs. The first design is included in the cost of the listing. Additional designs can be added. (details below)

Your finished patterns will be used to create your Novel Noir order of at least 3 pad/liner items. The cost of the order items will be separate from purchasing this listing. Cost will vary based on size, absorbency, details of design and features of your items such as additional absorbency or additional snaps etc. General limits may be set out during the design process for reasons such as too many layers of absorbency cannot be effectively sewn through, or length exceeds available fabric/print etc. These limits are at the sole discretion of Novel Red. 

Pricing will follow our standard pricing framework for custom items with calculated upcharge for any additional features you may select. You will be sent an invoice for your chosen items after your pattern(s) are complete and you have sent your order request in via email. Your order will be added to the que once the order invoice is returned paid. Due to the intensive design nature of these items, we ask that you please allow a minimum of 4 weeks to craft your order after the design(s) is finalized and your order details and payment are received. The order time frame may vary based on complexity of design and/or your order size as well as current order load. 

*Once your first Novel Noir order is complete and your pattern(s) is being stored, you may place any custom order using your patterns via Novel Noir VIP Re-order listings which will become available starting this summer. Availability date TBA.

*Important note: email correspondence per pattern will include up to 5 emails from Novel Red discussing and finalizing the pattern/design with you. Additional email correspondence may require an additional charge if the time spent on working out the pattern details and correspondence becomes excessive and overly time intensive so please have as clear of an idea of what you want as you can when we begin the process of creating your perfect pad/liner pattern(s). In such an instance, if you wish not to make any additional requested payment for more design time, you will be asked to finalize your design within the next email exchange and if a usable pattern is finalized your order will go forward as planned. If there is no finalized pattern at that point and you don't wish to continue the design process or additional payment for more design time your order will be forfeited. This is all just to keep things moving along and prevent extreme cases that would force us to neglect other customers. 

*Some fabrics or colors may sell out or become unavailable between the purchase of this listing and when your couture items are ready to be made so please make us aware right away of any already selected fabrics and the general sizes of what you think you would like to order if there is something you want us to try to reserve for you. We cannot guarantee specific print or color availability but will do our best to honor requests. Fabric choices are limited to those available at unless otherwise expressly agreed upon during consultation at the discretion of Novel Red. Refunds for couture listings will not be issued due to requests for items or fabrics we choose not to offer or for any other reason.

If you have questions not discussed here, please contact us via the link at the bottom of any page on prior to purchasing this listing. 

If you purchase other items in the same order along with a Novel Noir Couture listing, your entire order will be held to ship together. If you would like to receive other items separately, please place a separate order or contact us via email to arrange for a separate shipping invoice to be sent out to ship those items.

*This listing does not include any physical product or shipment. The $10 toward first order will only be applied to an order with a minimum of 3 items placed at the finalization of the design process (within 7 business days of design finalization), and will be deducted from the price of the order prior to sending the invoice. Order requests for less than 3 items will not have the $10 applied. All shipping charges and other shop policies and terms apply. Finished designs are owned by and remain the physical property of Novel Red and will not be sent to customers. By purchasing this listing you agree to all order, store and listing terms and policies. If you purchase a Novel Noir Reservation Listing and do not complete the design process or do not place an order from your design(s) within 7 business days of design finalization, your saved information from the process will be discarded after 60 days without refund or notice. All design correspondence is expected to take place within a timely manner. If the design correspondence time exceeds 10 business days once began or we do not receive reasonable response we reserve the right to end the design as abandoned and release the spot in line to the next customer. Requesting an order after 7 business days of design finalization but within the 60 days which your design is still on file, you will be able to place the order but the $10 toward the order will no longer apply and will not be refunded. Not placing any order does not refund the $10. 

If you purchase other items in the same order along with a Novel Noir Couture listing, your entire order will held to ship together. If you would like to receive other items separately, please place a separate order or contact us via email to arrange for a separate shipping invoice to be sent out to ship those items.



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