Pre-Orders April 2023

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(This page content will change to current pre-order selections once the survey has closed and options have been finalized for the current month.)

Beginning this April we will be having rotating monthly pre-order selections! Visit the first 3 days of the month to cast your votes for fabric type, color & print preferences and any other fun monthly pre-order options we can dream up!

Pre-orders offerings will be locked in after the 3rd of the month. There will be a set time frame in which to place your order for all of the selections, after which those orders will begin to be created for shipment to you! These are not subscription items...BUT...we will be offering those very soon as well!

Please allow ample time for pre-order items to be created and shipped. All listings will have estimated ship dates along with any additional info pertaining to the selections or the process. Once the pre-order window closes, those items will not be available for order other than as RTS items or if a second order window is opened due to demand.

As with all other Novel Red items, all pre-order items will be made individually by hand in beautiful southern Wisconsin!

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