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Luxury Crushed Velvet Q&A !

Here at Novel Red we get questions every day about our best selling Luxury Crushed Velvet topped cloth pads. We thought it was high time there was a blog post answering the most popular questions.  Here goes! Q. Is the Crushed Velvet a natural or a synthetic fabric?  A. Novel Red's Luxury Crushed Velvet is 100% synthetic. This gives it its great stain resistance qualities and helps it wick moisture into the core of the pad to help keep the top layer as dry as possible. (wicking does vary depending on the type of flow you experience so keep that in mind) Q. What are the most popular colors of Luxury Crushed Velvet you carry?  A. Our best sellers in...

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*Special Uses for Cloth Pads

Using reusable cloth pads for your period is one thing, but there are several other uses to consider. If you or someone you know has light urinary incontinence, cloth pads can be a great alternative to disposable products. Disposable incontinence products can be a huge ongoing expense because unlike a period, incontinence can happen any time of day, every day so more products are needed on an ongoing basis. Consider using reusable cloth pads, which have a beautiful and comfortable exterior, quality absorbent core materials and a moisture resistant back. You can simply wash these and reuse them and they can be much more discreet than large disposable incontinence products and are available in so many sizes and absorbencies there...

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Why Cloth Pads?

Maybe you have never used cloth pads. Maybe you just discovered them and aren't sure why anyone would want to use a reusable cloth menstrual pad versus a disposable. Or, maybe you have been using cloth pads for months or even years and wish you had known about them even sooner. Whoever you are, and whatever you think of cloth right now, you're not the only one. If you have just recently heard about cloth pads, you might be saying to yourself; "That sounds gross. Why would I want to use something I would have to clean. Wouldn't cleaning them be disgusting?"  Believe it or not, it isn't disgusting at all. A quick rinse, and drop into your wet bag...

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Hello From!

Welcome to's Grand opening!  ALL DOMESTIC ORDERS SHIP FREE THIIS WEEKEND! Enjoy free domestic shipping along with special sales and discounts through the grand opening celebration!  Make sure to check out all of our new prints and fabrics and check back often as new prints and fabrics will be added. First coupons :  $5 off orders $25+ Code: 5OFF25 25% off orders $49+ Code: 25%OFF49 (both of these are good through this weekend!)

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